Best Keyboard For Touch Typing

Touch typing is a necessity to cope with rapidly evolving technology. Touch typing is basically typing with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. You place your fingers in the home row which you can easily find by feeling the bump in the f and j keys.

First I would congratulate you that you have learned some part of touch typing or even if you don’t have then also no worry. With these keyboards that I am going to list below, you will learn touch typing at rocket speed. Soon you will be able to type at the speed of 150wpm which will make your friend’s jaw drops.

Mechanical vs Non-Mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards produce super awesome cherry-click sounds on clicking keys which will make you fall in love with typing. Whereas non-mechanical keyboards fail to have such sounds on clicking.

Mechanical keyboards give you a feedback that the button is clicked. This makes a significant difference in typing speed. Here also, non mechanical keyboards fail to give and good feedback. You will feel it yourself when you will type with your own hands.

All these cool features make the mechanical keyboard a bit more expensive than non-mechanical. It is because, each key in the mechanical keyboard has a spring, lots of mechanical components in them made of metal, you can even customize a key to your needs and wish whereas non-mechanical keyboards have just a piece of traditional domed rubber membrane.

We have here handpicked the 10 best keyboards from 100s of keyboards out there in the market. We purchased many of them, the rest we took for review and we compared all of them extensively. We rejected most of them as they failed to pass the minimum quality test. After several weeks of research, we have come up with the top 10 best keyboards for touch typing only for you, so that you can have enhanced productivity, smooth experience. These keyboards are highly tested so that you can blindly purchase them and trust me you will have no regret afterward.

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